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With more than 18 years of establishment and development, Long Viet Company has become one of the leading companies in the field of natural wood veneer production. Last year 2020 we achieved #4.5 million square meter veneer production.

In 2022, we are striving to achieve the output target:

  • Veneer laminated: 5.0 million m2
  • Melamine, Laminate: 3.5 million m2
  • Coating with Pano Profile : 1 million m2

Our company regularly imports key woods from Europe, America, New Zealand, AfricaWe always store) about 2000m3. It stores in specialized log bath, so the wood quality is good all over a year.)

Diverse source of veneer in various types and sizes such as white oak, red oak, cherry, Ash, maple, melaleuca, mango, rubber … We always store 1.5 million m2 in time to meet all orders row.

The investment in the factories such as MDF Long Viet, PB Long Viet with full thicknesses with sizes 4×8 and 5×8 will be very convenient for you when ordering: shortening production time, reducing the transportation cost.

In the dried slices plant of the company, there are 8 slicers and 1 Rotary slicer, heat dryers are imported from Italy and Japan manufacturing 5 million square/ year with thickness about 0.2 to 2 mm so we can meet the requirement of the each customers.

At the peeling and jointing plant with machines such as Fisher Rucker Kuper, innovator from Germany, Taiwan. Especially, the company has just installed and put into operation Germany’s Fisher jointing machine to produce veneer with large capacity, improve the weakness of veneer technique. At this time, we can sell.

The panel cutting team with 2015 CNC machines optimizes the waste cost for the customers We will cut the boards for the customers who buy the products and it will be free.

At the coating plant, there are 10 lines and one of them always guarantees same day delivery. The current coating capacity is 18,000m2/day.

The experienced QC team with 20 employees will minimize the negligence of the product when it reaches the customer.

Especially: In 2020, the company has invested in more Melamine and Laminate production lines with modern technology from Germany, Italy and Japan, 100% new with a capacity of 5 million m2/year, with many types of designs, rich and diverse.

In addition, there is a series of new products that have special details in the wood industry and begin manufacturing to meet the quality requirement such as front drawer, door panels, table legs, table tops, chair tops, 3D profile doors…

The Board focuses on the structure and training in managing system, applying software to manage the transaction easier through email and telephone. You just need to make an appointment and send the car to pick up the goods.

With the motto of always listening, always improving to serve customers better and better. The company wishes to receive the support and comments of customers, hopes to accompany our wood industry enterprises.

Thanks & best regard!

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